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material safety data sheet for proline ® bunker

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proline products, llc    2905 commerce blvd, guthrie, ok  73044,    866-383-3711

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 product name: proline® bunker material

 section 1 – manufacturer’s name

 manufacturer’s name                           proline products, llc

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 address                                                2905 commerce blvd

                                                             guthrie, ok  73044

 emergency phone no.                         866-383-3711 or 405-282-3711

 fax no.                                                405-260-1701

 date reviewed                                    june 2, 2008


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section 2 – components and hazard information*

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(a)  components – product may be handled in two forms: as the binder or neat product contains a rubber extender oil plus a minor amount of an inert polymer.  these ingredients are further identified below.  in the neat form the product is a viscose brown liquid at ambient temperatures.  the flash point in this form is >500 degrees f.  the additional information below also applies to this form of the product.

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(b)  components – the product in its final form is typically sand/dirt coated with (a)


(chemical & common names)                     (optional)       cas. no.


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rubber extender oil                                  <10                64742-57-0

polymer(inert)                                            <2

may contain trace amounts of surfactants <0.01

other inert (sand/clay)                               >90


section 3 – physical & chemical characteristics


      sp. gravity (water = 1) 2 8

      solubility in water: insoluble

      reactivity in water: non reactive

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      appearance and odor: brown granular/non to low odor

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      melting point: n/a (not applicable)


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 section 4 – fire and explosion data

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       flash point:  >500  deg. f

       flammable limits in air % by volume: n/a

                  lfl (lower) n/a

                  ufl (upper) n/a

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      auto-ignition temperature: n/a

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       extinguishing media: appropriate for primary source of fire.

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      carbon dioxide, foam, dry chemical and water fog

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       special fire fighting procedures: normal protective measures

       unusual fire and explosion hazards: although unlikely, if material is stored in a 

       container headspace may develop flammable atmosphere.


section 5 – reactivity data


      stability          unstable [  ]

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                             stable      [x]

      materials to avoid:  strong oxidizing agents

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      hazardous decomposition products: in the case of fire and incomplete combustion 

        smoke, carbon monoxide, and other decomposition products

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hazardous polymerization: may occur [ ]  will not occur [x]


section 6 – health hazards

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             acute and chronic:

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            eye: solid or dust may cause irritation or corneal injury due to mechanical action

             skin contact: avoid unnecessary skin contact. repeated and/or prolonged skin 

            contact with product may lead to dermatitis in some people

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            skin absorption: a simple prolonged exposure is not likely to result in absorption

            of harmful amounts. the raw materials used in this product have an acute dermal 

            ld50 (rabbit) greater than 3.16 g/kg of body weight and a low order of acute  

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            dermal toxicity

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            ingestion: incidental ingestion of small amounts are not expected to cause any 

            toxic effects.  however, ingestion of large amounts can result in some diarrhea, 

            nausea, cramps and weakness.

            inhalation: smoke resulting during production in the case of fire may cause 

            irritation to eyes and upper respiratory tract.


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emergency and first aid procedures

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             eyes: flush eyes with plenty of water to prevent damage from mechanical action             eyes: flush eyes with plenty of water to prevent damage from mechanical action 

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            of granules.  consult physician if irritation or pain persist.

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            skin: wipe dry skin after contact. clean the area with soap and water.  if clothing 

            becomes saturated with oil of>  if

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            oil has penetrated to the inside shoes, remove and clean or discard if saturated.

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            trapped materials may sometime cause skin irritation and/or burns.


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           ingestion: if a large amount is swallowed, drink water but do not induce vomiting.

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            call a physician.  never give any thing by mouth to an unconscious person.


            inhalation: vapor inhalation under normal use conditions is not a problem.  if 

style='mso-spacerun:yes'>  if 

            overcome by vapor from hot product in the production process, remove to fresh

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            air.  if breathing is stopped, give artificial resuscitation, administer oxygen.  seek

            medical assistance immediately.


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section 7 – special precautions and spill/leak procedures

             precautions to be taken in handling and storage:  stored material should be posted

            with the product name proline® to avoid someone using it as plain sand.

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             although this product is not a rcra controlled product hazardous waste, the

            following precautions should be taken in case of spills:

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            do not discharge to streams, water supplies or sewer systems

             waste disposal methods: consult federal, state and local regulations

             even though this product is not classified as hazardous waste, disposal must meet 

            regulations.  if any questions arise, contact the appropriate agency.

             if material is spilled on a walkway, remove from surface to prevent slipping.


section 8 – special protection information/control measures

             respiratory protection:  under normal use conditions, not necessary. in case of

            smoke irritation, use organic cartridge respirator.


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            ventilation:  under normal use condition, not necessary.  under manufacturing or

            other high heat conditions, use adequate ventilation sufficient to prevent  

            respiratory irritation.


           skin protection:  avoid unnecessary skin contact.  for gross exposure, use     

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             impervious gloves.  in case of contact, wash with soap and water.

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            eye protection:  normal industrial eye protection practices should be used.

             use good industrial hygiene work practices.

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section 9 – special precautions

             handling and storage:  keep out of reach of children

             avoid unnecessary skin contact.

             clean skin after contact

             keep away from foodstuffs


section 10 – additional regulatory information

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             this product is not regulated by dot as a hazardous material

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             this product does not contain any ingredients at levels, which require reporting

            under sara iii

             this product contains no “extremely hazardous substances” under sara iii

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the information herein is given in good faith and is believed to be current at this date.  however, no warranty, expressed or implied, is made.  it is expected that individuals receiving this information will use their judgment in determining the appropriateness for a particular use.

 *this document is prepared in accordance with the osha hazard communications standard (29 cfr 1910.1200)  in addition, other substance not “hazardous”, according to this standard, may be listed.  in addition, many “hazards, such as flammability, are the concern of the manufacture, not necessarily a concern for the end user.